FileDeo is a web service that provides get link services for google drive, google photo, youtube, facebook and many other sources. Very simple! All you need to do is just sending the original link to us and get back the link mp4 from our system to add your movie players, including jwplayer, videojs. Fast and stable are what we want to bring to you.

HTML5 & Flash

The video modern can play both Flash and HTML5.

Fully Responsive

The video players supports resizing the screen. Has full.

Mobile Video Player

Playback on your computer and mobile versions of all OS.

Fast Performance

Work fast and with safety.


Advertising is both Overlay Ads, Basic Pre Roll and Video Ads.

Broken link alert!

Comes with a notification system. When it detects links original damage!

Private Videos

Your video is protected by our system. It has 3 layers of encryption.

Video Stats

See real-time data for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats and viewing trends.